The McDonald’s Incident

I was called out on a childhood memory I created for our girls about 35 years ago. During a quick meal with some of the extended family, McDonald’s hamburgers made their way into the conversation. Our granddaughter, who has lived most of her life in China, believes the American McDonald’s is the greatest hamburger in the world. I have actually eaten a McDonald’s burger with her twice now in the past 4 months. Just for the record, let me state that I have never been a fan of McDonald’s. Burger King was always my fast-food burger of choice. Burger King had an early store not far from our house. The price of a regular burger was 15 cents, but the flame-grilled Whopper cost 25 cents. It was worth it! My choice was set. To underscore this point just a little more: On our wedding day, Dorothy and I drove to Dallas after our afternoon ceremony. We checked in at our designated hotel, then drove the two blocks, still in our fancy outfits, to the Burger King for our first married meal together. This is a verifiable story.

The incident all started innocently enough. Whenever I was asked Why not McDonald’s? by our young girls, I would reply, Burger King is bigger and flame grilled, and McDonald’s is made with horsemeat. We all would have a big laugh and go to Burger King.  Raising McDonald’s-free children is not an easy task. It seems their friends went to McDonald’s often. On the family road trip in question, we were headed to Glorieta, New Mexico. We came upon Tucumcari just as everyone was ready to stop and have lunch. As life would have it, there was a Burger King and a McDonald’s across the street from each other. As I steered the car toward the Burger King, the McDonald’s pleas began. To their surprise, I quickly turned the car and headed to McDonald’s. I drove around to the back and sure enough, there was a horse trailer with some horses parked near the kitchen door. All I said was, “See, I was right.” We ate at Burger King. 

Apparently grown children remember these kinds of incidents for decades. I was confronted with, You had seen that horse trailer at the McDonald’s and that’s why you went over there. What could I say? She has grown wise. 

Keep healthy. Pray mightily. Enjoy your life today. Actually, McDonald’s burgers are not made with horsemeat. And let’s experience the love and power of God together.

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