Planting Churches

One of the true joys of faithful churches is found in the opportunity to plant new churches. Our church has been blessed to help organize three strong churches: Belview, Southwood (1976), and Monte Los Olivos (2000). But it all began with Belview. In 1951, as the contractors were pouring the concrete for the foundation for our current church sanctuary, an opportunity arose for us to begin a new mission. I can only imagine the conversations when the Tulsa Baptist Association approached the pastor and this congregation to start a new work when they had just launched a huge building campaign. The association was encouraging the establishment of new neighborhood churches as the boon of post-war housing additions had spread across the city. A possible site was secured on some property about a mile north of our church on Yale Avenue. New houses were being built on both sides of Yale, and a public school was in the works. The homes were canvassed, and a tent revival was held. Feeling led by God, the church voted to plant a new church.  Our pastor at the time, Rev. Pat Murphy, asked for volunteers to go and start the new church. Records indicate about 30 of our families committed to spend a year working to establish what would become the Belview Baptist Church. What a fellowship!

Our church led the organizing council in October of 1952. Some of those pioneering families became charter members of the new church, while many returned to continue the work of building the sanctuary here. Rev. Tom Branch has been their faithful pastor now for 37 years. Tom has a long and meaningful relationship with both the Tulsa Police and Fire Departments, serving for decades as one of the lead police chaplains for our county. Belview has always been known for its community outreach, providing hospitality with food and clothes, a place for families to do their holiday shopping in the Jesus Christmas Room, and as a lighthouse of wise counsel for those needing salvation and renewal. With the aging of some of their faithful volunteers in 2019, Belview gave The People’s Pantry all their remaining food and clothing supplies. In addition, they contribute monthly to our Pantry from their budget, as a meaningful way to serve this area. This Sunday, October 9, Belview Baptist Church will celebrate its 70th Anniversary. What a joy divine!

Keep healthy. Pray mightily. Enjoy your life today. Lean on Jesus. And let’s experience the love and power of God together.

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