Lessons For an Excellent Adventure

We are back from another excellent adventure. It was the Covid afterwards that slowed me down. This time I kept a mental list of the things that I might advise someone else on taking a trip to anywhere in the world. Top of the list: buy the best walking shoes that fit your feet perfectly. Also take flip-flops to wear in strange showers or anywhere else you do not need your excellent walking shoes. Let your feet rest each day. Good shoes are better than any outfit you will wear. When traveling abroad, take your best knees and hips. There are no elevators at centuries-old destinations. And by the way, air-conditioning is a luxury Americans take for granted.

Plan your journey well. Pray without ceasing. Always ask for help when needed. When flying anywhere these days, leave at least 3 hours between flights and connections. TSA is still picky with their rules. Reluctantly I say, wear a mask on the plane. Do not get sick at the beginning of your adventure, or any other time. Also, don’t fall down! Pack less than you think you will need. Leave room in the suitcase and space in your daily schedule to rest and enjoy each day. If you need something you did not bring, buy it there as a souvenir of your adventure. 

​Choose your travel companions wisely. While traveling alone is often necessary, someone to share an adventure helps keep us moving forward and focused on the good things. I also recommend, for those of us of a certain age, bringing a teenager or young person. They tend to have good ears, strong backs, and are wise in the ways of smart phones and the best apps fornavigating the way. Include a walk with Jesus each day.

​Always be gracious and generous. Never travel without candy. I prefer fun-sized M&M’s, individually wrapped mints, and packs of chocolate-covered almonds. They make friends ofstrangers and little beggars. On one flight we needed to trade a seat with a man to keep our little band together. Chocolate-covered almonds sealed the deal. Memories are more important than the perfect photograph. Look at what is before you with wonder in your eyes; then take the pictures you want.

Keep healthy. Pray mightily. Enjoy your life today. Have an excellent adventure. And let’s experience the love and power of God together.

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