Our daughters have grounded us, sort of. They are starting to get really bossy about it. They quiz me about what my plan for the day is, then reprimand me when I report my necessary trips to tie up loose ends at the church. And the bank. And the store. Dayna is pleading with us to stop going anywhere, for anything. She says it will be worth it in the long run, and her home cooking has improved immensely. Her report today is, “There are 16 coronavirus cases in all of China, four from the Wuhan region, and 12 from Chinese citizens who just flew back to their country.”  If you are on Facebook, go to her page at Dayna DeBorde Avery, and read her post about sheltering-at-home from a missionary friend, Jessica McFarland Cannell, serving in Dalian in northeast China, who says in part: “We would say ‘this too shall pass.’ But we really weren’t sure when. Nor did we know if all these restrictions were actually necessary. . .They say hindsight is 20/20 and looking back I can say with a resounding YES! it was completely, totally necessary. And it was successful! …Please take advantage of other countries’ experiences. Don’t be selfish. Be inconvenienced. Be wise…Please, everyone, just stay home. YOU will make a difference.”

I will shelter in place. I will be inconvenienced. I will seek to set aside my pride in believing that I am somehow so important that I am the exception. I am also asking myself, what if I get the virus and never know that I am a carrier like Typhoid Mary, infecting others who might eventually die? I am exploring how best to proceed in worship, prayer and counsel to the church. I am learning about live-streaming, podcasting, and other ways to bring encouragement. Even though we are all becoming “homebound” for now, we can still connect. I may not be able to send you an EVANGEL every week. Let’s stay grounded. Friend me on Facebook. My phone will always be charged so call me anytime. I have set up an email to use for such a time as this.

Today pray for those already infected and those they love. Pray for the most vulnerable and frail. Pray for the caregivers, doctors, nurses and health care workers. Pray for the first responders who are always on call whatever the emergency. Pray for yourself, that you will find peace in this time of crisis. Love your neighbors. Keep in touch will all the Lord brings to mind. 

Keep healthy. Pray mightily. Enjoy your life today. Stay grounded! And let’s experience the love and power of God together.

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