Arriving at Easter

The only way to arrive at Easter is through the Cross. When the people of our church were dreaming of a new and grand sanctuary in 1949, they asked the architect to include a cross. The conceptual drawing for the church looks very much like our present sanctuary. The drawing shows the angled windows, multiple doors on Fifth Street for more accessibility and the high barreled roof that we have today. The cross, on the other hand, was drawn on top of a large free-standing tower located to the west of the main entrance. It was thought a traditional steeple would not be fitting for the shape of the church.

The pictured tower with the cross stood over six stories high so it would be above the sanctuary roof line. Because the tower did not prove practical, a large flagpole was erected in its place. As an alternative to the steeple, a cross was included on the face of the building. It is a large cross. It is my observation that most people either do not ever see the cross on the building, or it has become so familiar that people have forgotten about it. The cross has become invisible. The Good Shepherd window is the feature most will associate with our building, not the large cross. Recently, on our Facebook services, we have been featuring a picture of the church where the cross can be seen reflecting the sunlight.

The frosted glass cross stands 10 feet tall and has a span of 6 feet. It is located above the main entrance to the building. It is set in a large frame of glass tiles. Metaphorically, God’s people pass beneath the cross each time we gather to worship and serve. The only way anyone arrives at Easter is through the Cross. Jesus had to die for our sins and conquer death itself for us to celebrate Easter, or Resurrection Day. The Cross of Christ was the Altar of Sacrifice for our redemption, our forgiveness, and our salvation. Because of the cross and empty tomb, we are an Easter people, living transformed lives. When the cross becomes invisible, we lose sight of Easter’s meaning, the purpose of the church and the victory of the Christian life.

Keep healthy. Pray mightily. Enjoy your life today. Look to the Cross and see Easter. And let’s experience the love and power of God together.

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