Easter Week

We are passing through the days of the holiest week of the year. Easter is this Sunday. We are overwhelmed by never-ending pandemic news. We are confronted with inconvenient choices involving face masks, gloves and sheltering at home. Some want to confront this from a self-centered position of empty fatalism, “Who cares? If I die, I die.” Others come from a position of paralysis, which is a position of inaction, fear or personal terror. Others were never good at being told how to act or behave, so they come from a position of rebellion. Many come from a position of anger and grief, mad at their loss of financial security and personal freedoms or even mad at God Himself for allowing/causing this to happen at all. Some find comfort in conspiracies and blame, which is a position of self-insulation. Others come from a place of service, giving and self-sacrifice. Many may find themselves going in and out of most of these positions multiple times. Know these are normal emotions working their way through our bodies, hearts and minds. Interrupted sleep, restlessness, trouble concentrating, numbness, overcompensation, too much eating or sleeping, or too little food and rest are the instinctive ways our bodies react to times like these. 

Always look to the life of Jesus to teach us how to face these kinds of days. This week is an opportune time to see these similar emotions played out in the events leading to the cruel death of Jesus. As preparation for this Easter, read one of the Gospel accounts of Holy Week, from Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday. Read the Gospel, looking for the emotions of Jesus in each day’s stories, and the reactions of those He loves.  

Today pray for those who are separated from those they love. Pray for the most vulnerable and frail in our hospitals, nursing centers and home alone. Continue to pray for the near exhausted caregivers, doctors, nurses and health care workers. Pray for the suddenly jobless, the homeless, and anxious professionals whose lifework may be at risk.  

Keep healthy. Pray mightily. Enjoy your life today. Easter is coming! Let’s experience the love and power of God together.

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