Are We There Yet?

Are we there yet? You know that little voice from the backseat when you hear it. It is the famous refrain from the family road trip. Everyone is in the same car, but someone wants to go at their own speed. Are we there yet? is usually followed by an, I’m bored, or, Stop touching me. Television sports fans have been reduced to highlight reels and championship league bowling tournaments reruns. Others are binge-watching the last 20 years of The Simpsons or the first 20 years of I Love Lucy. Anything to escape this road trip of fear and sorrow called a pandemic. 

Who is driving this car anyway?  Can we at least stop the car for a while or look at some different scenery? When will we get there? Everyone wants an estimated arrival day. This road trip so far has been marked by flat tires, empty gas tanks, rocks in the windshield and near misses. We have our plans and ideas on how to keep the car running, which roads are fastest and where the shortcuts are, but we are not driving the car. We still do not know what hazards may be in the road ahead, what storms may slow us down, or tail winds which might push us forward faster. There may be a bridge out across mountains, or a superhighway that opens the way. The answer to how long may depend on how many of us stay buckled up in the car and let the journey take care of itself. Nothing to do can be your enemy or your friend. Exhaustion in activity holds the very same challenge.

The Scriptures help us to navigate days of uncertainty and waiting in a simple prayer: So teach us to order our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. (Psalm 90:12) Today pray for those infected and those they love. Pray for the most alone, vulnerable and frail. Love your neighbors. Keep in touch with all whom the Lord brings to mind. Pray for yourself, that you will find patience and perseverance for the whole journey.

Keep healthy. Pray mightily. Enjoy your life today. Keep your seatbelt on. And let’s experience the love and power of God together.

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