Wonder-Working Prayer

This is a true account of the power of prayer. Dorothy prays about everything, including misplaced keys or a bottle of nail polish. Little things in prayer can become big things in life. Before cell phones, in the early 1980s, Dorothy and I were visited by her cousin David, and his wife Nina Jo, from Houston. They were passing through Tulsa on their way to spend some time with friends at Grand Lake. They had not been to Tulsa before. On the way to show them the church, we heard the news that a stronger than expected hurricane was making landfall in the Houston area. Concerned, they called their college-aged son who was home alone at the house. He reported that flood waters had risen to the top of the bar ditches in the streets and the water was creeping up into the yard towards the house. Alarmed, our guests decided they needed to cancel their trip and head back to Houston. This is when the wonder-working praying began in earnest.

They had no idea how to contact their friends at the lake. All they knew was their friends were from Bartlesville and were at a borrowed cabin of their neighbors. We only knew one family in Bartlesville that had a cabin at the lake, so we gave them a call. “Yes,” they had lent their cabin to that couple. The only problem was the cabin had no telephone, but they knew a lady down the way who had a phone; however, they did not know her number. Did I mention that the telephone operators were all on strike that week? Given the name of the lady in the woods, Dorothy proceeded to call directory assistance anyway. When she began telling the reason for the call, the amazed operator said, “Dorothy, is that you?” The substitute operator was related to a member of our church. She found the phone number for the lady in the woods. That lady graciously relayed the message to the right people. The trip was cancelled, and everyone made it safely home. The hurricane moved on.

God answers every kind of prayers, so pray about everything. And nothing is too small, or too big, for God’s handiwork to be seen. 

Keep healthy. Pray mightily. Enjoy your life today. God works wonders. And let’s experience the love and power of God together.

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